Taming the emotional roller coaster of engagement ring shopping

We get it. You’re a macho, manly man. You don’t cry at soppy movies. That’s great. The process, ceremonies and rituals surrounding engagement, however, will still bring a tear to your eye and a plethora of emotion. We guarantee it. Of course, you’ll feel joy at pledging your commitment to someone, but there’s a lot more to it than that, and a lot of it will surround the ring and what it symbolises. Here are some tips to help you survive the roller coaster.

Firstly, you’ll get to know more about jewellery then any sane individual wants to, male or female. That goes twofold if you’re opting for the traditional surprise engagement ring rather than the more modern couples shopping trip. From finding out exactly what your partner’s personal style is [even an exquisite platinum ring is going to fall flat if they only wear gold] to making sure that you don’t get fleeced making the expensive investment, and learning how to gauge the worth of the gemstones and metals you’re picking, to checking makers marks, it’s all coming. Be prepared. They may have a beautiful platinum solitaire ring pinned to a Pinterest board to make your life easier, but chances are you’ll have to do some sleuthing.

In this day and age, the permission thing will feel very awkward, especially if you’re a non-traditional couple. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. If you’re enough of a traditionalist you have to have this part done, then suck it up and dive in- it won’t get easier. At this point, you may want to solicit advice and empathy from those in your social circle who’ve done this before. That same experience may help with the tiring shopping too. You may feel the need to consult with the friends of your partner too. Of course, as someone considering taking a huge leap into forever with this person, you should know their tastes and likes pretty well yourself, but it’s a great way to gauge the other side of your partner, whether anything’s caught their eye recently, or whether they’ve expressed any hopes and dreams towards the big day and the ring.

But ultimately, remember that it’s not all about what they think you want. The effort isn’t all that will count. You need to remember that you’re giving this ring as a gift. Yes, it’s your money paying, and you planning the day, but the person you’re giving it too is the one who’ll be wearing the ring and walking life’s road with you. Think about them and what they like and would but when you set out to pick the ring, not just the advice of friends, family and your own tastes, no matter how well meant it all was.

Diamonds are diamonds are diamonds. Yes, there’s a lot of hype about them, but ultimately they are rocks. Remember that. You need to learn your ‘4Cs’ of picking- cut, clarity, color and carat- and make sure you’re getting both what you’re supposed to be getting [you want independent auditing on diamonds of one carat and higher, and certification to prove it] and that you’re getting the right price for it. Study up and know your facts, or get independent advice from someone who does. Don’t be put off looking at bespoke ring options. It often seems like commissioning a ring will be both expensive and difficult, but it’s not really any worse than buying an off the shelf design- and it’s a lot more special. But more than that, choose something that symbolizes what it’s meant to do- your love and devotion, not a host of silly marketing.

Setting a Wedding Photography Budget

Your wedding is fast approaching and surely it is a special event that you have been dreaming your entire life. Wedding photography is an essential part of the wedding plans. However, with so many things to purchase and spend on for the wedding, you may be required to set a budget limit for the wedding photography. So how do you set your budget limit for the photography without compromising the quality?

When setting a budget limit, one must be able to know how to arrange a realistic budget. It is very important to remember that when you hire the services of a wedding photographer, often, you will get what you have paid for. Wedding photography tends to be expensive therefore you need to set a minimum of around $1000 for the services of a professional photographer for your wedding. This amount often does not include the photography prints. However, it should be remembered that the rates for the photography services depend on the experience and skill level of the photographer as well as location of the event. Wedding events that have more guests may require a higher rate since a photographer may spend more than the typical dedicated work hours.

Majority of photographers that offer services for wedding days will provide a pricing estimate through email or through a phone call. A lot of times, the service rates are already posted on their websites. The first thing that you can do to finding the right wedding photographer for your budget needs is to make an online research and make that call or shoot an email. Photographers have different packages and the rates for each package differ. Make sure to inquire about the details of the packages that they offer since initial rates that they offer can sometimes be confusing. You also have to ensure that you know the kind of services that you need and see if these services are included in the wedding photography packages you have found or like. After that, you can then make a comparison between the packages you like to know which package and photography services can be able to suffice your needs that are within your budget.

If you want to get the services of a particular San Francisco wedding photographer but demands a much higher rate, don’t be afraid to negotiate by getting the basic package that have lesser albums and actual prints. This will aid you in saving money on photography prices. If you have already chosen a particular photographer for your wedding, make sure to thoroughly review the service contract. When it comes to the services covered, the contract should provide clear details. When going over the contract, you should also ask yourself and the photographer basic questions such as the policy cancellation, deposit requirement and many more.

Wedding days are special events and you can make it extra special by capturing special moments of one of the happiest days of your life. Get the services of a professional photographer in Bay Area and preserve those happy memories that you can look and reminisce into in the many years to come. Wedding photography done by an experienced and skilled photographer will definitely keep the memories alive and it would make it even more worth it if you are able to find a photographer who can offer great services within your budget.

New Styles Of Wedding Veils

Aside from the wedding gown, a bride also chooses the right wedding veil to come with the gown that she wants to wear for her wedding. This will depend on what looks best on your face, hairstyle as well as the dress that you are wearing. It is important to make the right decision because the veil will mostly cover your face at the beginning of the said event. Many of the pictures that Sydney City weddings would take would involve you wearing the wedding veil. Some photographers also create beautiful wedding shots by using the veil as a focal point. Let us see what kind of veils are available at present.

Drop Veil
This kind of veil is quite common and may be considered as a bohemian style veil especially if you add an elegant headpiece over it. It highlights the veil and makes you look more whimsical. Some can attach this veil on the top of your hairstyle through an invisible thread that is further attached to an illusion comb. In this way, the veil drops on you elegantly. Just make sure you get the colour right and match it with the shade of your wedding dress to make sure it blends well together.

Juliet Wedding Cap
A more vintage style is to have this kind of veil. You can wear the veil as a cap then pin the rest of the lace to the side of your hair or you can also have the veil attached to a separate cap that you can wear. The great thing about this is you can add more accent and accessories to it such as flowers or elegant looking pins. A simple change in the accent can help with the change of outfit you will be having at the reception.

Cathedral Veil
This is the most traditional of all the veils and it varies in length. It can also be worn with or without a blusher depending on your preference to cover your face during the ceremony or not. Unlike the drop veil that is attached to the top of the hairstyle, this kind of veil would be attached to the back of your head. Some may find the veil too crinkly during the wedding day but this can be fixed by simply having the veil steamed instead of ironed a day before the wedding.

Blusher Veil
This kind of veil is a modern take on the usual blusher that comes with the cathedral veil. It may be edgy but still feminine. This is attached to the crown of the head and there are many decorations that you can add to the lacy veil. Depending on your preference, you can choose a harder tulle to make the veil more structured.

Bandeau Veil
This is a very fashionable veil that doesn’t work well with many wedding dresses. Be sure it matches your dress perfectly or it will just look weird on your wedding day. The lace is worn in such a way that it covers the eyes as well as the tip of the nose and is attached through the use of alligator clips at the back or sides.